The human factors and external environment play an important role in cyclists’ violation behavior.

Minimizing the effects of unfavorable condition in traffic planning and designing may be an effective measure to enhance traffic safety.

accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections-65

Urban traffic problem is widely recognized as one of the main maladies of life in large cities.

Many scholars have paid much attention to the traffic problem [1, 2].

A Mix of non-motorized and motorized vehicles is an important traffic type in China.

Some surveys show that the non-motorized vehicle is one of the most widely used traffic tools in Chinese daily travel activity [3].

Even if they hike to a signal, a crosswalk not respected by motorists is of little use to a pedestrian.

As anyone who has crossed at a signalized intersection in this area knows, and as the animation shows, even the well-marked crosswalks with pedestrian signals are routinely violated by area motorists.

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To investigate the relationship between cyclist violation and waiting duration, the red-light running behavior of nonmotorized vehicles is examined at signalized intersections.

PLAY ANIMATION The thought of making a left turn from a multi-lane road is one of the things that makes people think vehicular cycling requires speed and athletic prowess.