Jillian asks Big Brother to reassure Emmett so that he doesn’t have a heart attack.

Emmett thinks he will just go ask them straight up.

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Emmett joins her and tells Jillian that they are building something big out there…

Although, it’s sad to see the end of BBCA drawing near we are EXCITED that it means the Big Brother 15 is that much closer to premièring (June 26, 2013).

She goes to the storage room and says to herself remember to watch for cross contamination!

Talla heads back to the kitchen to make her – pm Emmett sits on the living room couch.

She is known for backstabbing and blindsiding many houseguests throughout the game.

Jillian formed a romantic relationship with Emmett Blois early in the game, and the pair became a dominant force in the house as part of the East Coast Alliance along with Andrew and Talla.

Emmett and Talla speculate on what they are building out in the backyard…

Talla says but they are not keeping it closed all day.

Umurku berbeda 1 tahun dengan adik lelakiku namu adik perempuanku beda lagi 10 tahun.