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Summer is a lively time to visit as the city hosts a lot of outdoor festivals and events each year, making this a great city if you’re looking to stay out all day and night. And for somewhere that feels completely alien (in the coolest way), it’s surprisingly low hassle.

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The immediate aftermath of college graduation is fraught with competing emotions.

Your mood is a mosh pit of relief, excitement, uncertainty, exhaustion, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and pride, fluctuating as each sentiment takes a turn overshadowing the others.

It’s an immersive place that takes you out of reality for a little, helping you forget about all the impending major changes and decisions about to befall your life.

As you stand in front of the Church of our Lady, fabled to have inspired Walt Disney’s design of Sleeping Beauty’s double-spired castle, it will be easy to keep up the delusion that you never have to grow up.

The country is really accessible as a backpacker on a budget: The cities seem to cater to this form of tourism with many hostel and transportation options, the staff of which are typically happy to help figure out activities, sites, and tours.

One fun and easy option to see as much of the country as possible is hopping on one of the tour bus services, which shepherd diverse backpackers from town to town, allowing you to hop on and off the bus at different stops for as many nights as you’d like.

The country is teeming with historical relics, like the first-century Roman amphitheater in the city of Pula, and sites that you might recognize from “Game of Thrones,” like Diocletian’s Palace in the town of Split, built for a Roman emperor in the 4th century A. On the other end of Croatia’s landscape spectrum is the Adriatic coastline, known for its white-sand beaches and rich blue water, giving the country its reputation as a Mediterranean paradise. While located in Southeast Europe and a member of the E. Its currency, the kuna, is currently exchanged for about 15 U. If you’ve never seen a lava field, you’ve come to the right place. You can figure out a lot as you go, and it would be hard not to have a good time and see incredible sights — think waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, and the aforementioned lava fields.

Daylight hours might throw a wrench in your internal clock (in the summer the sun only sets for a little bit each night around midnight), but where else can offer you such a surreal experience at such a surreal point in your life?

Daytime excursions, like touring Frida Kahlo’s house and climbing the pyramids in Teotihuacan, will keep your mind stimulated and eager to soak up more about the country.