Although there won't be much opportunity to function as part of a team, you will benefit from this position.

You'll become much more self-sufficient when you're not forced to answer to a micromanager.

It is helpful to put yourself in Bandhan before and after meditation, but it also works good for a beginning or an end of any situation.

It is also a nutrient source of pure spiritual vibration.

Use this dose to align your primary energies to air vibrations.

While some may or may not, our years of design and research in sexual related doses have enabled us to create a dose that will get the listener there.

Re-wire your brain to make what you want more attainable.

While we have many doses that bring the feeling of warmth or love, Amour takes it one step further.

You cycle through the feeling of first love, then comfort, and then loss.(Calls cost £1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.AFTERGLOW / Sexual (Moderate) / 30 Minutes The feeling of afterglow: when the heat of lust has passed, this is the content glow you bathe in...There is a segment of deep sadness somewhere in the depths of this sequence, but we couldn’t end there.The dose happily ends with an uplifting stretch of hope and regained love.While somewhat poetic in its nature, amour is a favorite extreme love dose.