Lathan will also star in Lionsgate’s “Now You See Me 2” and the upcoming production of “The Best Man Wedding.” “So many people have grown up on this series and I’m looking forward to bringing Tracy Ellison’s story to life through film,” Lathan said.

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In February 2015, Code Black Films announced that Dear White People producer Effie Brown was hired to produce a film adaptation of the novel.

Brown and her company, Duly Noted Inc., will oversee the film's development alongside Codeblack Films' Jeff Clanagan and Quincy Newell.

The book was originally published by Mars Productions in 1993 and republished by Simon & Schuster for adults in 1996.

An African-American coming-of-age story that follows Tracy Ellison from her sixth-birthday party in 1977 to her 17th birthday.

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