Yes there are plenty of trailer trash and meth heads, but on the other side of that are the very attractive, very fit girls who just want to have a nice family and live a good life. Being a non-christian, that cuts me out of 90% of it, but oh well, you can't help who you are.I'll add this: they usually end up with the most hideous, fat, lame men I have ever seen.

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But the main difference is that you see a lot of couples on the streets of Eastern Europe.

Try to find a white couple on the street in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver.

The fertility rate is so incredibly low in Ukraine honestly at this point all they have to do is sustain the culture which it keeping it that low, and they will win.

I'm not happy about that, 1.3 children born to each woman on average is far from the 2.1 needed to sustain a population.

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Not really, there are parallels between Eastern European men with certain regions and areas of North America and Western Europe.

The emphasis on fashion in Eastern Europe is more similiar to continental Europe.

It isn't hard for even an average person to score one of them as long as you're "in".

Just wear nice clothes, go to church, and be polite. "I have pointed out before that multiculturalism cannot exist, except as several cultures living side by side in defined territories, where the laws of one culture do not apply in the territories of the others." - Paul Belien of The Brussels Journal "His true forefathers, the Gods, his true country, he never would have abandoned; nor would he have yielded to any man in obedience and submission" - Epictetus Never forget.

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