Enter Woolrich’s latest campaign – UTAH: a campaign that focuses and is built around characters residing in Eden, Utah.

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COS wanted to create a dynamic yet timeless space and has therefore preserved the building’s original architectural features while mixing it up with modern updates.

The stores interior goes in line with the brand aesthetic by combining functionality and design, creating a contrast interior of blonde wood against concrete and marble.

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The campaign aims to embody the effortless equilibrium that characterises the daily lives of Eden’s residents who are all infatuated with the great outdoors in ways totally personal to each and every one of them.

The importance of people and space, the balance between work and home life, the melding of style and exploration all became focal points.

The structure of Wd W Review is organized around four dedicated sections.

The first takes the form of reports from several international editorial desks; the second weaves critical and innovative essays with editorial cartoons; the third invites an author to consider a single image through a speculative piece of writing; the last section layers texts commissioned thematically to address the same time and/or place so as to collectively draw a set of discrete volumes on each context in question respectively.

Three popular explanations for this scenario are gaining traction in both the Russian media and on the Internet: The first is that the seizure of Crimea was the goal of the harsh intervention in the Ukrainian crisis from the get-go, a kind of ‘revenge’ for Kosovo.

This interpretation assumes that after taking Crimea, Putin will be satisfied with what he has achieved, having restored a certain balance of respect lost in the 1990s.

The third interpretation comes from spin-doctor and former first-and-second-term Putin supporter, Gleb Pavlovsky.