The sponsor shares his or her experience and success with the newcomer to help both of them.

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The Hotline is an excellent source of help for concerned friends, family, co-workers and others seeking information and guidance on how to help someone they know.

We work to educate communities all over through events, campaigns, and dynamic partnerships with companies ranging from The Avon Foundation to Verizon. It helped to just not to be afraid to talk about it, to make you feel like you’re not crazy — because you can get to a point where that’s exactly how you feel.

The newcomer approaches a prospective sponsor and simply asks if they would be willing to perform this role.

Overeaters Anonymous has groups operating in 75 countries with more than 6,500 meetings every week.

Between meetings, members can reach out to each other by phone when they want to get help from their sponsor.

Overeaters Anonymous members are encouraged to write about their journey to abstinence from compulsive overeating.They turn their lives over to a Higher Power for help.Members also develop an eating plan to help them understand their issues around food and make better choices going forward.Sometimes it seems as though people are busier than ever and not that easy to find the time and place to meet interesting singles who have the same interests as you. Women Chat Line is a great way to get to know people, and you are certain to make many new friends and have a great time, but always be safety conscious.That means have fun with people but only on Women Chat Line. As in any other life situation, only after extensive knowledge about another person should you make the move of getting to know someone personally.By attending meetings with people like themselves, members get strength and hope from each other so that they can learn how have better eating habits.